About Me

IMG_3395a_edited-1Hello world!

My name is Thomas Kelleher. I’m a game designer and audio designer from California. Currently I’m pursuing an undergraduate degree in Interactive Media with minors in Game Audio and Game Programming at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts.

I’m proficient in C# and C++, and have great experience using Wwise and FMOD alongside Unity and Unreal to make my games an awesome aural experience. As for creative writing, I’ve written story and dialogue for diverse casts of characters in fighting games, novels, and short films.

Studying at USC has given me the opportunity to learn from the best. I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside industry legends such as Richard Lemarchand (Uncharted), Vincent Diamante (Flower), and Danny Bilson (The Sims). I enjoy all aspects of game development – from programming, to designing, to sound effects, and even writing – what’s not to love?

Thank you for visiting my site!